This one time…. I did a podcast…….

So I’ve started writing and posting stuff with greater frequency here on Fetlife as another creative outlet.  I’ve been having a really good time with it, and turns out my goofy thoughts resonate with some people.  I’m very honored by this, and love that people can appreciate the sharing of experience.  Some of my favorite things to come out of this are the comments that people leave behind and messages I’ve gotten sharing what they’ve been through.  Probably the most frequent topics have been personal stuff and Community, but I’ve hit on a few others as well, like consent, unconventional love, and other things I can’t think of right now.  🙂  I’m hoping to do a few writings on spirituality, rope, and motivational thinking amongst other things in the coming weeks, and eventually start a WordPress blog to post my stuff on there.  Not sure why, it’s just something I want to do.

My first writing from my recent creative outburst was posted the day before Christmas Eve and blew up onto K&P for some reason unbeknownst to me.  It was inspired by a few things – a recent difficult breakup that left me with a strange amount of hope for the future, a guy I started seeing a month or so before writing the piece (I am flamingly poly, for those of you who don’t know), my partners of sorts far and wide, the intellectuals that I’m lucky enough to have the occasional deep conversation with, the beautiful, strong, and mind-blowingly amazing women that I am blessed to call friends and confidantes…. too many people to count, really.  The title of the piece was “Why the ‘L’ word isn’t such a scary thing anymore”, and it talked about love in various forms, ranging from the person on the street, to intimate friendships, to capital “R” relationships, and those relationships that are really hard to define but can make a big impact on your life, including an impact on your personal philosophy.  

Anywho, I’m writing this entry to contemplate something that happily resulted from that first writing.  Maybe a day after posting I got a message from a complete stranger, which hasn’t been terribly infrequent lately.  This one was unique, though.  Honestly I was a bit flabbergasted when I first read it, and had to come back to it later because it didn’t really make too much sense at first.  It was a message from one of the hosts of Kinkycast, “a no-holds-barred audio journey into the world of kink” podcast, and they were asking me to record an interview based upon my “L” word writing, as well as one on consent and trust from the previous year.  The former did go K&P, but in looking at some of the people that have been interviewed on the podcast I couldn’t fathom why it was they wanted to talk to me.  Midori, Lee Harrington, IPCookieMonster, and many, many other impressive individuals….  these people I look up to and are some of the great  icons of the kink world.  Who was I to be have my picture and voice next to them?

Despite my trepidations I decided to go for it.  I figured “Why the hell not?”  If doesn’t go well then they just won’t publish, though I’d feel a little bad for wasting their time.  As the host and I talked he let me know what it was he’d be looking for, and I started an outline of talking points.  When I sent it to him, I got some good feedback and reassurance.  As a result I started to gain a little more confidence.  The night of the recording I was nervous as fuck, of course.  More nervous than I’ve ever been with a presentation.  Once I got Skype up and working (I hadn’t used it in years), I started talking to the hosts and they settled my nerves a little bit.  Woody and Leigh are incredibly kind and warm individuals, and I felt like I was talking to old friends after only a few minutes of being logged on.   

Once we got going with the recording everything just poured out.  Turned out they wanted to talk about my rope performance and modeling history, which I got totally bashful about, as per usual.  We then shifted to my writings, particularly the “L”word piece.  I talked about all the people that have inspired my recent thinking, as well as the conclusions that I’m currently at regarding the vast array of forms that Love can take.  We talked about a lot of stuff, really.  🙂

Soooo, if you’re so inclined, please take a listen!  I’d also strongly recommend taking a look at other interviews on the podcast, as every single one I’ve listened to is amazing!  They recently hit their 100th episode!!

Here’s a hyperlink for my interview!

Gushing: I want to thank all of my friends and partners who support me now, have supported me in the past year, and in many previous years as well.  Without you guys I wouldn’t be who I am, and I couldn’t express myself as I am now.  I wouldn’t be courageous enough to post these writings.  I love you guys, and I love my chosen family.  Thank you everyone for being an inspiration and a part of my blessed little life.  


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