My name starts with a lowercase letter.

I’ve been thinking on how to broach this for a while, and figured putting a journal entry out there might disseminate these thoughts at least within my little circle. I would like to humbly request that my friends, when using my scene name on Fet and other kinky media, make an effort to use an undercase “l” when writing out “linworth”. I know, I know…. it sounds uber silly, and I’m not trying to be a prima donna, but this is the name that I chose to represent me, and in representing me I chose a lowercase beginning. I identify as a submissive. I feel like the way I don’t capitalize my name conveys that. Maybe it’s my history of entering things from the Leather end of the scene. I don’t really know….

I am trying to own my name and my Self. That, in part, is why I’m writing this. It’s cool if folks simply forget this little request – I realize how hard our grade school teachers drilled the treatment of proper nouns into our heads as kids, or that it may not seem like that big a deal. But if it occurs to you to do so, please press backspace and re-key the one letter.

And now that I’ve been typing for a few minutes, I find myself grateful for my community. A community who accepts and fosters all in it to grow into their Authentic Selves. Thank you all for being such a wonderful and loving family.


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