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Dayton Roots

A couple weeks ago I attended the first meeting of MP&C (Midweek Practice and Class, formerly known as Monkey Puzzle Club) at The Space.  (Let me start out by saying that the Columbus Space for Alternative Expression is shaping up to be an amazing boon to the community here in central Ohio.  I sent the

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This one time…. I did a podcast…….

So I’ve started writing and posting stuff with greater frequency here on Fetlife as another creative outlet.  I’ve been having a really good time with it, and turns out my goofy thoughts resonate with some people.  I’m very honored by this, and love that people can appreciate the sharing of experience.  Some of my favorite

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My Hometown Cons – Winter Wickedness and COPE <3

Tomorrow is the start of one of the local conventions run by AIS (Adventures in Sexuality), Winter Wickedness. Winter Wickedness (aka WW) is one of the first cons that I ever attended, and it holds some very special memories for me. My first one was back in 2011, so this will be my fifth year

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Best Con Drop Ever

This past weekend I was going to be a demo/model/performance partner for an old friend that was coming to Cincinnati for a small rope con. It was a last minute thing that was falling together perfectly, and I was super excited to see him as it’s been over a year and we don’t run into

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Reciprocity: Thoughts from the last Dark Moon (January 2016)

I don’t often talk about my spiritual Self with anyone I’m not terribly close to, but I feel some thoughts bubbling up from that area in the last few days might be applicable to Community as well. So here we go! The eclectic temple that I belong to draws a Tarot card every moon. We

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A “Thank You” Isn’t Necessary

Let’s go ahead and start with an anecdote. A few of the local kink groups, and one of the local relationships discussion groups, meet for parties at a swingers club that’s here in Columbus. It has been a venue that has treated our community well, and my time there has always been enjoyable. Just about

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