linworth unwittingly fell in the world of rope four years into her general kink career in 2011. After being thrown in head first via a day-long class followed by two-hour transition sequence at the proceeding play party, she was maniacally hooked. She has since blossomed as a community organizer and educator, and has gradually built upon a strong CV of performances in Ohio and Canada.

Her rope bottoming is greatly informed by experience in dance growing up and ongoing personal yoga practice, not to mention bizarrely strong layman's interests in physiology, anatomy, neuroscience, psychology, and sociology. Now studying self suspension and rigging others, she hopes to attain a more holistic understanding of rope practice so she can even better bring her passion to the world.


Riggers, Sit Down and Shut Up!

This class designed for interactive settings welcomes riggers, rope bottoms, and those just curious about rope. The group will start with a brief guided discussion on rope bottoming and what common experiences bottoms share emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Following that, a few questions from riggers and the curious that they would like to ask rope bottoms as a collective will be written down. The bottoms will sit in a circle and be encouraged to discuss each question to find any common ground in experience, while leaving room for emphasis on individual experience. This portion of the class will be uninterrupted by onlookers so that the bottoms can feel free to fully express themselves. The session will end with reflections from the entire group regarding what they have learned from one another.

An Integrated Approach to Rope Bottoming

Presented in an organic, progressive outline, this class will touch on the basics of rope bottoming with some more advanced tips intermingled. Those just starting out in rope, both tops and bottoms, will come out with new tidbits on how to better enjoy and endure in this exciting expression of kink. If attendees are lucky, the grand finale will include linworth reading through her notes while she hangs upside down.

Rope Bottoms Active Share

Unlike the rope bottoming round tables that have become fairly commonplace these days, this class encourages bottoms to bring a top to work on any particular ideas or issues that they want to lab out. Trying to find a TK that works for you? Wondering how to best sustain a futumomo or ankle hang? linworth and her TAs will bring their collective expertise in order to assist, and if you don’t have a top efforts will be made to set you up if you have something in mind. All tops are HIGHLY encouraged to participate in/facilitate this process.

Basic Physiology of Rope Bottoming

linworth is an anatomy geek, and she wants everyone to be a geek with her. Pulling from multiple resources, disciplines, and her own experience, this class is a comprehensive overview of the nervous, musculoskeletal, and other systems as they relate to rope bottoming (useful knowledge for rope tops too!). In practical application this knowledge can increase risk awareness and mitigation, and facilitate ongoing technical negotiations and overall self care.

Mad Bottoming Skillz

Co-presenter, l3gato.

Ready to take your rope bottoming to the next level? In this class linworth and l3gato team up to widen the breadth of knowledge for those just starting to get their feet wet with being tied, while also providing a holistic look by giving some perspective from the rigging side as well. Rope is a partnership, and it definitely takes two to tango!

Learning to Tie, Building a Community

This class, custom-made for a private gathering in Miamisburg, Ohio, was created as an introduction to rope and the values of the rope community. While linworth could only offer her individual take on values, she was glad to go out and share her knowledge of the building blocks of tying, how to put some of them together to create a basic scene, and how to approach a partner or fellow rope person with care and respect. Probably one of her favorite projects so far, linworth’s passion for community building through common kink was a major factor in its development.

Gray Areas in Consent

There are varying opinions on what constitutes a consent violation and the negotiations that can mitigate them happening. This class will take a look at some of the different viewpoints on these issues and help attendees to understand the concept of risk profiles, as in what sort of risk is one comfortable with taking when it comes to consent. “How comfortable am I with boundaries being pushed?” “How in-depth do I choose to go in negotiations?” “Am I willing to renegotiate mid-scene?” It is the presenter’s hope that attendees will leave the classroom with some definite food for thought regarding personal boundaries and the way they approach others.

It’s Totally Okay to Say “HELLZ NO!!!!” - Personal Advocacy in Negotiations

Too eager to please? Unwilling to disappoint? Acquiescent to a fault? Often times s-types (and D-types, too) can feel pressure to play or interact in ways that they’re not entirely comfortable with. This can lead to all sorts of messes in personal wellness and relationships. So what do we do? In this class linworth and attendees will review some possibilities of negotiating flub ups, as well as tactics that can possibly prevent them.

***Please inquire for a complete class list including other kink topics.***

Events Presented and Presenting At

  • FIRE Orlando - "An Integrated Approach to Rope Bottoming" & "Riggers, Sit Down and Shut Up!". August 2017.
  • Cincinnati Rope Group - "Learning to Tie, Building a Community". June 2017.
  • Beachbind in Negril, Jamaica - “Mad Bottoming Skillz” co-presented with l3gato & "Riggers, Sit Down and Shut Up!". April 2017.
  • RopeLab - “Rope Bottoms Active Share”. December 2016.
  • Private event series in Miamisburg, Ohio - “Learning to Tie, Building a Community”. October 2016 & February 2017.
  • Guest speaker at Ohio State University’s “Human Sexuality in Context” course, December 2015, March 2016, & November 2016. Co-presented with BondageNexus on rope bondage, fetishism, sadomasochism, polyamory, power exchange, and consent.
  • Central Ohio Rope Group (CORG) - “An Integrated Approach to Rope Bottoming”. October 2016.
  • Fetish Foreplay Friday - “My Better Bottoming Bag”. September 2016.
  • Cincinnati Rope Group - “An Integrated Approach to Rope Bottoming”. August 2016.
  • Great Lakes Energy Exchange (GLEE) - “What is it we're actually consenting to? On how partnered energetic practices change us”, co-presented with Neuromancer28. July 2016.
  • NLA-Columbus - “It's Totally Okay to Say ‘HELLZ NO!!!!’ - Thoughts on Personal Advocacy in Negotiations”. March 2016.
  • Midweek Practice & Class - “Riggers, Sit Down and Shut Up!”. February 2016.
  • RopeLab - “Rope Bottoming 101 & 102”, co-presented with l3gato. November 2015.
  • A multitude of rope demonstrations and classes as a demo bottom.

Other Rope Credits

  • Presenter coordinator and co-organizer for RopeLab, a Columbus-based rope education group.
  • Performance coordinator, Meet and Greet organizer, and Ropenspace Facilitator at ROPECRAFT Chicago. May 2017.
  • Performer, Beachbind in Negril, Jamaica, April, 2017.
  • Five-year performer at Morpheous Bondage Extravaganza (MBE) Toronto.
  • Performer, MBE Cincinnati.
  • Rope model, rigger, and community liaison at TRAUMA, 2015 & 2016.
  • Selected attendee of the inaugural North American Rope Innovation Exchange (NARIX), 2014.
  • Rope model/performer at the Detroit Dirty Show, 2013.


  • PinkMynx, national rope presenter and student of Akira Naka.
  • EbiMcKnotty, international rope presenter and co-founder of North American Rope Information Exchange (NARIX).
  • DeweyX, national rope educator, artist, and engineer.
  • “Professor Parker” (This individual has offered to be a reference under the condition that they be discreetly contacted due to professional anonymity concerns. Please inquire for more information).

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